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Hospitality Consulting 

Known best for out-of-the-box creativity, Chef Connect’s services are completely customizable and flexible. Our consultants have European and American education and training with over 15 years experience working in the Asian markets & catering to the Asian markets. Our strengths lie in being able to bring international cutting edge quality and standards to the local consumer market using local personnel and available ingredients.

Write the theory that MBA students will be reading for years to come!

Happy Clients

Pro-Balance Knives, Sha-ri, Taiko Sake, Chefworks, I Love Limited, LINK REIT, Weekend Weekly Magazine, CNT, Bravo Marketing Company, Colour Living, Bauknecht, Whirlpool, Le Creuset, Miele, Culinart, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Department of Health (Gov),  Lee Kum Kee, OBE Organic Beef, The Salted Pig, Ippae-An, Mamoz 

Product Development 

Need to find a new marketing angle? Chef Connect works closely with companies to develop new products and new uses of for existing products. These products range from kitchen tools and equipment to branded ingredients, from menus to recipe development to creating fun activities and events that will open doors to new markets. We even have client who's main business is unrelated to food but need a food angle.

More importantly, Chef Connect creates comprehensive, easy to understand products and programmes that are both exciting and economically sustainable.

Classes and Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking Demonstrations, Guest Chef, Cooking Classes, Masterclasses and TeambuildingIt isn’t easy to find chefs who can both cook and entertain at the same time. Chef Connect’s resident chefs provide fun classes and demonstrations that are both tasty and entertaining. Chef Connect’s resident chefs will also create customized menus for events and parties that will delightfully surprise guests.

Food Events Consulting

Chef Connect works closely with PR and Production firms to execute amazing events. Whether it’s providing advisory on food and beverage menus and selection, selecting the correct celebrity to endorse brands, designing the entertainment and event programme, even sourcing ingredients & equipment, Chef Connect’s flexible and customizable approach is effective and efficient.

Culinary Television and Net TV Programmes

Having worked with 3 major networks in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, Chef Connect develops programme content to be sold and televised throughout the world. 


Restaurant Menu Development 

Restaurants always need to update their menus and streamline their operations. 

Often times, restaurant owners get frustrated with staff who are good at following orders but are not effective in developing new menu items that can be easily and consistently executed from their kitchen. 

Chef Connect offers effective and proven menu development services on a project and retainer basis for adult menus and kids menus alike. 

Restaurant Concept Development ​​

We have helped clients in China, Hong Kong, France, Belgium, Switzerland, The U.K., Singapore and Japan develop hospitality concepts that work. 

Chef Connect understands that not all successful concepts work outside their place of origin. The key is the deep understanding of different needs in different markets

Education Sector 

Chef Connect works closely with schools and educational institutions to develop food related enrichment programs as well as review and develop nutritional and tasty menus to serve at their outlets.  

Guerrilla Marketing Concepts

To create buzz, brands look to jolt the market with radical events that have never been seen. Chef Connect creates Pop-up Restaurant concepts, cooking competitions, special short-term themed events and entertainment that guarantee to keep customers wanting more.

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